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Surprising Household Items You Can Use as Alternative Gym Equipment

Surprising Household Items You Can Use as Alternative Gym Equipment

If there’s one thing the world has proved over the last few months, it’s that it’s got a very resourceful population. From Zoom meetings to online festivals, home workouts to FaceTime dates, we’ve shown we can get creative with what we’ve got to keep it turning. And, it certainly doesn’t end there. 

Whilst some are lucky enough to afford fully kitted-out home gyms, many of us have to save our pennies each month and build our collection of equipment up, piece by piece, over time. But what if you can’t wait? Well, good news is, you don’t have to, because there are plenty of house-hold items that can work as gym equipment alternatives.

And let’s face it, as prices in supermarkets have risen in recent times, we’re seeking out value for money more than ever, and it’s safe to say you’re likely to find it in places you may never have expected if you keep reading…

1. Use wine bottles as weights

Bitter about spending £10 on the same bottle of Pinot that you used to buy for £6.50? Do a Cassey Ho (Blogilates), and use two you have waiting in the rack as weights to tone your arms. From bicep curls and back tricep pulses, to double tray opens, your over-priced vino will work off its value like never before. 

Or, if you don’t trust yourself to not to drop and smash either of the bottles (or take a cheeky swig during), Cassey says other great alternatives are soup tins and full plastic water bottles. 

2. Fill a back-pack with rice

Got some basmati rice in the back of your food cupboard waiting to be eaten on your next cheat day with a naughty tikka masala? Well you can warm it up in the mean-time by placing a load of it in a back-pack to use as a heavier weight. Obi Vincent had a brainwave in the supermarket when he spied a 10kg bag of rice and realised he could double its function as a weight. 

Other food items you can use to bulk up your bag are flour, or any of the above items mentioned.

3. Use a hand-towel

Grab yourself a hand-towel, and use it to do some standing hypers with Ryan Huminston (from 2:38) to work your back and biceps.

Or, perhaps you’re looking to exercise your legs? Luckily for you, the hand-towel’s versatility knows no bounds. If you get into the plank position with a small towel under each foot, and slide your feet apart and back together again, and do several reps of this, you’ll find yourself an effective workout. Just remember to throw the towels straight into the wash after! 

4. Use a washing basket to do a deadlift

Talking of washing, why not make use of that mounting pile of sweaty clothes (and now hand-towels) you have piling up in your basket from all of that working out to do even more working out? A washing basket can act as a great barbell replacement to carry out a deadlift or some curls. You can fill it up as much or as little as you’d like to lift.

Although, if you want to make it more pleasant, we’d advise filling it up with clean clothes you’ve just washed!

5. Use detergent as a dumbbell double

Continuing with the washing theme (seriously, who knew washing could be so much fun?), you can use your regular detergent bottle with a handle as a dumbbell.

6. Take the stairs (a few times)

This is a pretty simple one, but you can use the stairs as your own step machine. If you want to add a bit of weight (and entertainment for other members of the household), grab that washing basket full of clothes and run up and down the stairs with it. Make sure you drive those knees and keep your core engaged, with a straight back as you do so!

7. Push against your countertop

For many of us, it’s a battle staying away from the kitchen during lockdown, so while you’re in there, why not use the countertop as a surface area to do some push-ups against?

8. Use a beach towel (or two) as a yoga mat

Feeling mentally ready to start your 30 Day Yoga Challenge with Adrienne but you’re not equipped with a mat? Try laying a beach towel or two on your floor. Ideally, if you have a carpeted floor, you could get away with just the one, but if you’ve got a wooden floor, to keep those knees from bruising, grab two!